Who is the Nomadic Professional?


The Nomadic Professional is more than someone that simply works away from home.

The #NomPro is the entrepreneur, the digital marketer, the journalist; it's the graphic designer or photographer working from Deli India for a week to Berlin the next

it's a professional with a life-style that allows freedom of movement, without constraints, contracts, or commitments to tie you down 

Does this sound like you?

Nomadic Professionals is focused on bringing business appropriate resources to the digital, entrepreneur or mobile business professional. 

Our goal is to provide the nomadic professional #NomPro with resources such as reviews and information on co-work spaces, tech supplies and equipment, educational resources & training specific to the mobile business professional and much more.

“In an increasingly trasparent world you will be faced with the consequences of your actions in a way previous generations rarely were. That means that in making choices you will have to consider the trade-offs you are prepared to make. What will be key to creating a working life that brings you fullfilment will be your capacity to meet three challenges.”
— Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice at London Business School, "The Shift - The Future of Work Is already Here"

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