Founder Candy Treft, successful entrepreneur, 21st century quester, java addict and nomadic professional. 


CANDY TREFT grew up in a small town in Indiana, married then divorced with two children she studied Nursing and practiced for 16 years. The last 13 years of her nursing career she worked as a travel nurse living and working all across the USA. In 2012, Candy founded Gypsy Nurse Consulting (dba The Gypsy Nurse), a professional niche education and support site for the travel medical professional market. In addition to Gypsy Nurse, her current projects include Nomadic Professionals,  Phocus Creations, A Re-Discovered Life, and a few other projects yet to be revealed.

Candy, a self-professed "coffee lover, and seeker of discovery" now travels the world living as a nomadic entrepreneur,  bringing the nomadic professional market the tools, information, support and resources needed to live a successful, and balanced nomadic professional lifestyle. 

You'll generally not find her at the top tourist spots but rather exploring hidden treasures, quaint alleyways, or at a local cafe with an iced Vietnamese or Americano in hand. 


Office of The Day

Just like you, I live and work remotely all over the world. 

Offices in 2019

  • July: Tbilisi, Georgia

  • August: Tbilisi, Georgia

  • September: Xochitepec Mexico

  • October: Puerto Escondido, Mexico

  • November: (TBD)

  • December: (TBD)

  • January ‘20: (TBD)

  • February ‘20: (TBD)

  • March ‘20: (TBD)

  • April ‘20: (TBD)

  • May ‘20: Eastern Europe (TBD)

  • June ‘20: Eastern Europe (TBD)

If you are near these areas and would like to meet for coffee, drinks or a chat about how we can help you live your nomadic professional life, please contact us. 


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