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 We are passionate about small villages, we welcome you to explore remote villages and connect to the land and local way of living. Wander Solano is the first in an endeavor to create a Unique Boutique Village living experience. Our aim is to provide the wanderer easy transition, on-site support, comfortable accommodations, and facilitate local emersion and experiences.

Our secondary goal is to support the local economic progress in these communities by employing local workers in all areas, including: tour guides, culinary, construction & maintenance, security, management and more.


The location at Bahai Solano was chosen for it’s accessibility to the more touristed areas of Colombia. While off the beaten path, Wander Solano is easy enough to access for a get-away weekend. We offer you an opportunity to explore the beauty of this remote village and it’s plethora of culture and experiences.

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Chocó Department

Bahía Solano is a municipality and town in the Chocó Department, Colombia. Bahia, as it is locally known, is an economic and tourist center of coastal Choco. It’s a land full of charm and opportunity.

The region around Bahia Solano is home to scuba diving, whale watching and sport fishing opportunities, providing a plethora of marine activities to the traveller.

It’s peaceful surroundings are perfect to unplug for a day, weekend or week.


Wander Solano’s location nearby the village of Bahai Solano, in the pristine jungle on the Pacific Coast of Colombia offers a unique village experience.

  • An authentic village that wants to be explored

  • A local community to connect with

  • A peaceful retreat for yoga, team building, or writing

  • An immense heritage of traditions, stories, landscapes, flavors, culture.


At Wander Solano

Wander Solano offers boutique services for the wanderer. Including: airport transfers, on-site staff support, all-inclusive (3 meals daily) accommodations, and a variety of immersive activities & experiences with our local staff.

  • Fishing & Whale Watching Excursions

  • Cooking Classes

  • Flora and Fauna

  • Waterfall and jungle tours

  • much more…


Our proposal is simple: we are seeking funding to buy land and build a jungle retreat on the Pacific coast of Colombia.

Our goal is $ 100,000. With this funding we will purchase (aprox) 5 acres of pristine jungle property with ocean view. Your contributions will go toward land, construction, and container buildings which will include: 6 containers with a total of 4 double bedrooms, 2 twin bedrooms, 2 sharing spaces: a living room / kitchen and a common lounge area.

Support the crowdfunding campaign. Creating relationships between people and the territory is the heart of the project.

In exchange for your support we offer the opportunity to spend time at Wander Solano and connect with the community. By contributing to Wander Solano, you are also contributing to the economic progress of this remote Colombian Village in the Chocó Department, on the Pacific Coast of Colombia.

If you want to become an active part of the project, there are options available for every budget. You can donate as little as $10 to help support our project.


Wander Solano

Bahai Solano




With a location off the beaten path and no roads into the region, it’s not as difficult as you might think to get here. There are charters flights almost every day. (cost from Medellin to Bahia Solano from 240 000 pesos one way). ADASatena, or San Germán. It’s super fast (40 minute flight) and convenient (5 minutes from El Poblado) from Medellín’s city-center Olaya Herrera Airport.

Getting to Wander Solano from Bahía Solano airport: A short tuk-tuk ride to the pier (6,000 COP) followed by either a 30 minute walk from town at low tide or a 10-minute boat ride. We can arrange a private transfer to our property and help you with your luggage.


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